ICCS to host Miss Seychelles 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016 - 14:42

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has announced that this year's Miss Seychelles...another world 2016 beauty pageant will be held at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles on Saturday 28th May 2016.

Sherin Naiken  explained  that the organisers were searching for a venue which had a permanent covered roofing structure as the month of May is the wet and rainy season and hosting the pageant in open air is very  risky in case it rains.

She added that moreover  most resorts are not willing to host 300 guests over a gala dinner and the pageant together with the sound, lights, and other logistics they say this would cause a major disruption to their in house guests.

In addition,  the artistic and technical production teams have to move in with the preparatory logistics at least  five days before the event , and this cannot be accomodated by the resorts.

Thus all these criteria gives no other option but to seek a covered roof venue having the best acoustic sound and lights available on site.

Ms Naiken said : " The ICCS bears also these logistics together with a seating capacity for 600 guests, comfortable air conditioning  seating, excellent staging facilities, ample backstage changing rooms for hair and dressing aspects, spacious air conditioning rooms for the contestants to hang up their pageant wear and also for the line up of artists".

In hosting the pageant at the ICCS  will see tickets  being sold at a much affordable and  reasonable cost of Rs 700 per person to watch the pageant only. There will no dinner included in the ticket cost  this year due to the unavailability of  the required space.

This year the pageant is scheduled to start  at  7.30  and the show is expected to run for three hours during which the 12 contestants participating will parade in three different presentations being the casual , swimwear and casual rounds  before the panel of jury. The glamorous pageant on that evening will be the culmination of three months of intensive training and grooming  in various sessions such as  catwalk training, choreography, positive thinking, public speaking, etiquette, protocol procedures, media interviews, gym fitness, culture and traditions, tourism and history of Seychelles amongst many others.

On the pageant night, the winners of People's Choice, Miss Photogenic, Miss Talent, Miss Sports and the best Beauty With A Purpose project will be announced alongside the top three winners. This year's pageant production and staging is under the direction of Raymond Clarisse as the Artistic Director and together with his technical and logistics support team they have promised a glittering show of sound, lights and music with a line up of local artists which will definitely thrill the 600-odd viewers attending the pageant. Tickets for the pageant will be on sale at the STB Head office at Espace Building and the STB Information Office at Independence House , both contactable on Tel :4671300