Top fashion designer to grace Miss Seychelles…another world pageant night

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:46

Top French fashion designer Yannick Machado will be gracing crowning night of Miss Seychelles…another world which will be taking place on May 30.

Mr Machado started designing since the age of 12. He was born in Lyon France and had a proper fashion education at Supdemod France.

He then started working for top French designers whereby he learned more about the fashion world.

“Seven years ago I moved to China. At first I started teaching in a fashion university then I developed my own brand,” he said.

With more than 10 years in fashion designing, Mr Machado said he has always been interested in elegance, clothes and fabrics.

The style I wanted to do was what the Chinese were asking for  ̶  customised designs, he added.

He started off with private clientele mainly based in China, Taiwan and Singapore, his creativity soon inspired his first couture collection comprising high-end bridal and evening wears.

“I set up my studio in Beijing, Shanghai and I recently started my men line,” he said.

Mr Machado added that he targets people who socialise because it is always risky for them to have an outfit that is potentially not the same as someone else.

By having a highly customised design, they can be reassured that no one else will have this outfit, he added.

“Every single client of mine inspire me. I get from their personalities and events they are attending,” he said.

Some of the top celebrities who have worn his designs Lin ChiLing from Taiwan, Fann Wong of Singapore and Chen Chen from China.

Miss Seychelles…another world 2012 Sherlyn Furneau, who will be the mistress of ceremony for the crowning night will be wearing one of Mr Machado’s designs.

“I believe the one who will win this year’s crown will have to be able to represent Seychelles all the time, be clear when she speaks, elegant and poised.”

“It is not judge a pretty face but also the body language is a vital component,” he added.

Mr Machado has been asked to design a few outfits for the Miss Seychelles…another world 2014 Camila Estico and the one who will be crowned on Saturday as part of the Miss Seychelles campaign in China. One of its aims is to build up Miss Seychelles’ image in China, thus to further promote Seychelles as one of the best travel destinations.