Seychelles beauty queen supports newly launched Seyx30 pilot project

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:22

Miss Seychelles…Another World 2014 Camila Estico is committed to fully support the newly launched Seyx30: En Nouvo Style pilot project which aims to promote 30 minutes exercise on a daily basis among adolescents and youths.

The Seychelles’ beauty queen was speaking at the launch of this project during a ceremony held at the Pointe Larue secondary school this week.

Gracing the ceremony with their presence were principal secretary for youth Alain Volcere, chief executive of the Seychelles National Youth Council Vicky Van der Westhuizen, representatives of the Ministry of Health and that of the Ministry of Education, head teacher of Pointe Larue secondary school Gina Labiche, members of the Parents Teachers Association and School Council, teachers and students.

Miss Estico who is working on her project aimed at combatting obesity at a national level, addressed those present at the ceremony

She said exercise is fun and should not be seen as a burden as it helps people to socialise and build bonds.

Giving the maximum efforts in their exercise can be rewarding at the end, she added.

Miss Estico expressed words of thanks to the partners involved in the Seyx30: En Nouvo Style pilot project.

Students of S1 and S4 levels are the ones taking part in this project and they were presented with Seyx30: En Nouvo Style T-shirts.

T-Shirts were presented to the school’s head teacher by representative of Mahe Design & Build company Alister Arnephy.

Miss Estico also joined students on the school’s playing field in an exercise session led by fitness instructor Dorothy Isidore.

Speaking at the launch, Mrs Labiche said the project will help to reduce obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle among students.

She added that through this, students’ academic performances will also be given a great boost, as they will be able to better concentrate in their studies.

The pilot project is expected to last until December and if successful it will be carried out in other schools across the country.