Seychelles beauty queen Camila Estico shines in Italy

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:26

Miss Seychelles…Another World Camila Estico is ready for the upcoming global beauty contest to be held in London next month.

Our beauty queen has made preparations prior to her participation in the Miss World 2014 beauty pageant.

She recently went to Milan, Italy for her professional grooming and photo shooting sessions. Accompanied by Beryl Matatiken, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s events and conferencing manager, Miss Estico worked closely with Alessandro Pindilli, the Seychelles tourism ambassador who has come on board for this preparation session for the Miss World beauty pageant.

Mr Pindilli and his team has been partnering with the Seychelles Tourism Board to promote and has been a great supporter and contributor towards our Miss Seychelles…Another World beauty since 2012.

For this trip he managed to put together a wide-ranging programme for our beauty queen for her first official trip in Italy.