Miss Seychelles Linne Freminot spends an afternoon with professional Chinese makeup artist in Beijing.

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:57

Today Miss Seychelles spent an afternoon with Mr. Li Houchun in understanding the complex world of the professional makeup industry.

Mr Li Houchun firstly explained the different professional brands available on the market, how each differs from one another and which ones would suit her facial complexion best.  He also explained to Miss Seychelles the different equipments that she should use in order to get the best results based on what she wants to achieve each time.

Miss Seychelles will be accompanied by Mr Li Houchun throughout her visit in China in order to give her more exposure and experience/practice on what she has learnt.

This will help her to be more independent for her coming Miss World activities whereby all the contestants are required to makeup themselves during these activities, especially for the big night. 

Mr. Li Houchun graduated from Tony Studio, a famous make up and stylist school in China. He has been in make-up and styling industry for 5 years. 

He works closely with well-known media in China, it includes <L'OFFICIEL> China edition, <Lifestyle>, <Men's Joker>,  Singapore Zaobao.com, CCTV, BTV etc

He also helps Chinese celebrities, actors on styling, it includes famous singer Qi Qin,  famous Chinese actors Wu Jing, movie star Fan Shaohuang, a raising movie star Zheng Kai

He also works for fashion shows and events, which includes 11th Esquire Party,  24th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (Chinese Academy Award) and LANYU show, MSM 2015 Show and NE TIGER show.