Miss Seychelles Another World 2015…let the show begin

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:38

For 13 young Seychellois ladies, a new amazing journey has just begun.

One that promises experience, exposure, challenges and most importantly a diamond tiara and the opportunity to represent Seychelles in the Miss World...Beauty With a Purpose beauty pageant.

Angie Arnephie, Stasia Lafortune, Alanah Barallon, Shanipha Semerano, Chette-Path Semerano, Stefannie Underwood, Gillian Come, Marina Appasamy, Linne Freminot, Nisa Larue, Petra Richard, Yasmine Ghislain and Genevieve Rene are the 13 contestants competing for this year’s Miss Seychelles…Another World title.

The girls were officially presented to the press and sponsors in an elegant cocktail event organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board at the Boat House restaurant on Friday evening.   Dignitaries present included Seychelles Tourism Board’s chief executive Sherin Naiken, deputy chief executive Nathalie Didon, Beau-Vallon’s member of national assembly (MNA) Mirena Souris, chairman of Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Marco Francis

In her opening speech at the event, Sherin Naiken chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board reminded her audience that it is in the Seychellois culture to judge and be critical.

But if we want this pageant to continue flourishing and endure the test of time we need to support these beautiful young ladies who have had the courage to come forward, unlike many who have thought about it, collected entry forms but then simply changed their minds.

Addressing the girls, Miss Naiken said the Seychelles Tourism Board has invested a lot into this pageant and in return she expects the girls’ 100% commitment.

‘Make the most of the training that will be provided and build on your skills, because once crowned it will be hard to get additional training considering all the responsibilities and commitments attached to the title’, said chief executive Naiken.

Reigning Miss Seychelles…Another World Camilla Estico also offered the girls some words of advice. 

‘You will not only be wearing a crown but you will also be a role model for the youth and an ambassador for your country. Stay true to yourself, create friendships and never compare yourself to other contestants.  It will be hard but it will also be fun’, said Camilla.

First princess, Lisa Rose was also present to lend her support.

Restaurant owner Richard Mancienne, thanked the Seychelles Tourism Board for choosing Boat House to host this event, joking ‘it is not hard to love Seychelles with so many beautiful girls around.’