Miss Seychelles…another world contestants show off their talents

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:42

Contestants of the Miss Seychelles…another world showed off their talents last weekend in a one and a half hour show at the Espace building.

The 13 contestants were vying for the Miss Talent title which was introduced last year during the Miss Seychelles…another world 2014.

Last year’s Miss Talent title was won by the reigning beauty queen Camila Estico.

This year’s contestants performed in front of a panel of five judges, showing off their talents in various forms of arts.

The five judges were well known visual artist Nigel Henri, poet Tony Joubert also known as Raspyek, Virna Fanny from Tanmi group, performing artists Patrick Joseph and director of the International Creole Institute Penda Choppy.

Four of the contestants chose to sing, while the majority preferred to dance. Self-defence techniques and taekwondo were also part of the performances given by two of the contestants.

The judges said they were very impressed with the talents of the 13 contestants and the unity amongst them. The contestant who has won the Miss Talent will be announced during the crowning night set to be held at the Constance Ephelia Seychelles on May 30.