Miss Seychelles…Another World Camilla Estico lands on Italian magazine cover

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:41

Seychelles is a country associated with beauty, the beauty of our beaches, our endemic flora and fauna and our people with roots from the European, African and Asian continents. 

It therefore comes as no surprise that reigning Miss Seychelles…Another World Camilla Estico, has landed on the cover of a magazine, more specifically the Italian ‘Islands’ magazine.  Camilla has once again made our islands proud as one of Seychelles’ youngest tourism ambassadors.

Looking very much like the typical island girl on a beach, Camilla is adorned in a heavily bejewelled necklace with a matching yellow bikini top and a silky scarf covering her hair on the cover page. Inside photos include one with her dressed in what looks like a carnival outfit concealing parts of her body with two oversized, black feathery fans.  And the other one sees Camilla wearing a livid purple and white sega dance outfit.

The photos and accompanying captions seek to promote the Seychelles carnival with a Creole twist.

Commenting on the feature, Camilla said that she feels privileged to be representing her country and most importantly the Carnaval International de Victoria.  ‘Being the face of the carnival is a great honour for me because it is one our biggest events.  One whereby cultures hailing from different countries across the globe flock down to Victoria for a beautiful celebration.’