Miss Seychelles…. Another world 2015 commits to help children of Seychelles

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:52

Miss Seychelles…. Another World 2015 Linne Freminot made her first public appearance on Children’s Day on June 1 at  the President’s Village Port Glaud. Linne presented to Jules Hoareau, the director of Seychelles Children’s Foundation a cheque worth R11,250.

Annia Pool a representative of Seybras was also present to hand over the cheque.

The money was collected with the selling of 200 gold plated coco de mer jewellery by Seybras Company at a reasonable rate during the Miss Seychelles…Another World 2015 pageant night. Presenting the cheque, Linne gave her commitment to working with the children of Seychelles. She said she will use her “Children restoration” project for the betterment of the children of Seychelles. “To all the children of Seychelles, I will be there to support and help you. Always remember education is your passport for a better life” Linne said to the young children.

Mr Hoareau spoke about the different virtues a child possess such as innocence, beauty and love. He said an adult should feel lucky to be blessed with a child. “When we look at a child, we see these beautiful virtues. An adult who have these virtues will make a big difference in the life of a child,” he said.

Mr Hoareau said the cheque donation will be used to buy materials for the home’s educational centre. He said the centre was built for children with academic difficulties. “These educational materials are not the only important things for the children at the home. It is the time you have taken to spend with them that matters and this is priceless,’’ he added.

The chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Naiken said a society with compassion should remember the less unfortunate. “It is for this reason that the Seychelles Tourism Board is proud to be associated with this charitable donation of giving out to less unfortunate children,” said Miss Naiken.

President’s Village Children’s Home houses over 60 children from the age of 1 month to 17 years old and is the largest children’s home in the country.