John Etienne at the helm of Miss Seychelles... another world coronation night artistic Director

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:44

The creative genius of stage directing John Etienne has been named artistic director of Miss Seychelles.... another world coronation night.

Absent on the artistic director arena since 2007, to nurture the growth of his conceived project “mistikart8’’, John Etienne said he will mark his full-fledged comeback in public life with the Miss Seychelles.... another night coronation  show set on 30th May 2015.

An artistic director at the absolute height of his powers with experience in directing the Miss World pageant in 1998 staged in  Seychelles and a specialist in directing events of national importance in the 1990’s exempting national day, John Etienne said Miss Seychelles.... another world coronation night will be a “ simple, niche and extremely beautiful show’’

“I wanted to give a form to the coronation night show. The show will have one flow, which is minimalist whilst giving maximalists results,” he said.

If John Etienne’s greatest strength is creating a show with no anti-climax, it is the simplicity nature of his work that makes him truly stands out.

This attribute John Etienne will put into play in the coronation night theme “I love Seychelles’’ and catch the public emotions. 

“It’s a beautiful theme for the pageant because it will be a show made by Seychellois, for Seychellois and the beautiful Seychelles’’.  

Developing the theme, John said it will be inspired by one of Seychelles heritage ties, the French era.

“Set in the midst of Constance Ephelia Seychelles’ water feature and beach palm, we will bring out the charm, colours, sound of our French ties. Through all forms of technological mediums, such as lights and sounds, we will stage an electrified show. The French catwalk will be the spotlight.’’

John Etienne said he does not want the audience to just sit back in their seats and watch but to feel the show. 

“The show will have a tempo and hard beat of Seychelles unique attributes and bring out the best of the girls’’.

In search of Seychelles unique beats and attributes John Etienne had dug out the cream of Seychelles artistic talents, whom he said can deliver “master pieces of Seychelles culture’’ .

Jany de Letourdie described by John Etienne as the icon of massive feminist and number one golden voice in Seychelles, Marie-Antoinette Dodin the island’s incredible talent and Joe Samy who has incredible passion for Seychelles will be the coronation night’s shooting stars. Sokwe band will bring the core element of culture in the show. Whilst the artists will bring out the best of the “I love Seychelles theme”.

John Etienne said he will work with Sokwe band , polish the dancers and musicians to bring out the best in them. The Breeze Band , a young group of people, who according to John Etienne is trying to learn ‘’ creativity’’ will put a bring the entertainment part to the show.

Turning 50 in August 2015, at an early age John Etienne coveted the stage. Graduated with a Master degree from what he described as the world’s state Theatrical academy in the world “The Russian Academy of Theater Arts’’ and presently sitting for his Doctorate, John Etienne master the total concept of Art in a show. He is also a firm believer that academic research and technique are fundamental in this field. He said as a professional artistic director, he will introduce a new product to the contestants. He will train them stage craft communication skills, one of his fortes, to polish their acting talents and bring out the best of it in the show.

As a scholar he had these wise words ‘’ an artistic director can be a director. But a director may not be an artistic director’’ commented him.