Miss Seychelles launches a series of visits to the Business Community and State Institutions to raise the profile of her program - this week it was a visits to Airtel

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 15:16

Camilla Estico, Miss Seychelles….another world 2014 is taking Seychelles by storm with organized visits to the Business Community of Seychelles and also taking in State Institutions in her planned program of visits. She has her own project set to raise the profile of the need to fight obesity in the country and she is spending time and effort to discuss this issue and seek support from everyone during these planned visits.

Miss Seychelles 2014 is fast becoming a role model that is earning respect for her commitment as she is sparing no effort to push forward her belief that fighting obesity is best achieved through a campaign aimed at raising visibility of the issue.

Obesity is today being tackled everywhere in the world and seeing the approach taken by the Beauty Queen of Seychelles is indeed refreshing. This week it was Airtel Seychelles Seychelles who welcomed Camilla Estico to their Head Quarters . Airtel is a strong supporter of national events that is organized for Seychelles and for the People of Seychelles by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and by the Seychelles Tourism Board. The election of Miss seychelles is one of the national events of that Ministry.