The Miss Seychelles…another world contestants lined up for the Eco-Friendly Marathon

Friday, January 15, 2016 - 19:56

As the starter gun went off at the Beau Vallon Regatta site the girls of the Miss Seychelles...another world contestants were ready to take on the challenge of the fourth edition of the Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon. The contestants who had enrolled for the ten kilometers walking category, joined the more than six hundred local and international participants.

One of the contestants, Stephanie Ernesta, has acknowledged that it was the first time she had the chance to be part of such a big event. She added that although she prefers swimming over any other sport she had a great time walking the ten kilometers from the Beau Vallon Regatta Site to Bel ombre, all the way up to Hilton Hotel in Glacis and back to the starting point, covering the north western region of Mahe. Shanice Hoareau and Diana Marie noted the attention drawn to the pageant by their participation in the marathon as the news spread amongst marathon-runners. They spoke of the Seychelles Eco Friendly Marathon as an interesting way of exploring Seychelles’ natural beauty.

The Eco- Friendly Marathon showcased the Miss Seychelles…another world contestants’ first hands-on involvement in the Seychelles Tourism Board’s calendar of events. Upon their selection for the finals on the 27th January 2012, the twelve contestants have started a series of training programs to prepare them for the Grand Finale on 26th May 2012.

The contestants have pointed out that they are going through a real adventure with all that has been planned for them as ‘Miss Seychelles...another world’ contestants. Speaking about their training session experiences one of the girls said that it’s been '' quite demanding, but the benefits reaped from them cannot be over estimated''.

As the Miss Seychelles...another world contestants enter their 3rd month of their training session, the momentum is ultimately building up for the finals, while the team spirit which has been created among the girls is stronger than ever.